Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 66 - Shoulder Pad To The Face

Sunday, March 7th

A very brief visit to Jack's Bar & Lounge today. One that occured after a long morning and afternoon working on the yard (mowing, weeding, planting tomatoes and cucumbers), as well as a brief trip to Wendee's work to return her license, which found its way from her pocket to my wallet Saturday night.

The bar was empty when I walked in, with two 89 cent chili dogs from Der Wienerschnitzel in hand. Tall Nicole was working the bar today. Did I ever tell you how pretty she is? Well, she's just beautiful.

I came in as she was watching Marc Savard of the Boston Bruins get removed from the ice on a stretcher after a particularly vicious hit by Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Later Nicole mentioned she thought Evgeni Malken looked like Shrek. Even later, on my way home, Shrek would be mentioned on National Public Radio. Wierd, but that happens a lot.

Nicole and I chatted for a bit and then two customers, both of which had never been to Jack's before and decided to stop in ala, "'s one of those things where you drive by all the time and finally come in to see what's up" walked into the bar.

They asked questions about the bar, what the night scene is like, etc...all which Nicole answered. I mentioned to the guys that they missed the SVRG after party last night. Technically I did too, but I had my fun. ;)

Nicole's buddy Mike came in a few minutes later and Nicole switched from music to TV audio so we could listen as the the Bruins - Penguins post-game report played. Nicole hoped to see the hit again (she didn't actually see it the first time, only the aftermath) and wasn't dissapointed. I thought it was pretty cheep (shoulder pad to the head, with the guy getting hit not seeing that he'd be hit before it happened).

But the announcers said it was legal.

One beer and done for me so I said goodbye and headed out the door. See you at Jack's on Monday!

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