Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 70 - Meh On Titles

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

@Jack's Bar & Lounge, post work and post work drama.

The bar was pretty packed today. The sun was up and there were around 37 people in attendance by my count. I'll say this for Tanisha, she knows how to draw a crowd and take good care of them.

Today Tanisha was showing a bit of her back as well as a bit of her front, which meant you could see the face inked into her back.

Not seen that face, Dear Reader? You could if you visited Jack's when Tanisha was working. Even so, that face is, as I've mentioned before, one that you can see when she's not there, if you know where to look in the bar.

Today there were lots of older adults at the bar. Like adult adults. The kind that wear business suits, business dresses (wtf do you call it, a power dress? help, oh people who speak clothing), have lines in faces, a few more wrinkles here and there, grayer hair and ooze wisdom.

I brought in a Metro with me and proceeded to read it while eating two Der Schnitz hot dogs and felt totally bearded-homeless-person-invades-the-bar the whole time.

Fortunately my bar buddy Gary showed up. I haven't seen Gary in awhile and I miss him. He looked stressed, but also very relieved. Why I can't say, but it's news I'm happy to hear. He hasn't been on FB in like three weeks, took his lovely lady Patty to see the parents and told me his and Patty's non-verbal communication is way up. Like psychic up.

In between all this I traded texts with, and a phone call from, Wendee. (Hi!)

A woman buffeted me with her purse. A lot. It was a fashion disaster, that purse, looking like something made of floral and plant pattern fabric cut from old furniture (or worse, old luggage). So I took pity and did not ask her to quit from approximating a person with no sense of the concept of personal space.

Sometime later Tanisha turned the lights down, the Shark's pre-game show came on and Mark somehow didn't know about the blog? WTF?

Shannon's gold, scorpion-bedecked necklace made me think of the Scorpion King. Lisa's camouflage top made me think Lisa looks fucking awesome in a camouflage top. There is a new hot tub in their future, too. I hope to see all their work once it's done. Especially since I can congratulate them both and Andy, who also did some work there.

Speaking of which: it was good to see Andy. Also Tim. I like Tim's voice. It's the voice of a general from another era of time.

On my way out I said hello to and shook hands with Stubby Fingered Man (Day 55) --the only hands in the bar I've ever experienced a handshake with that are as rough as Travis' hands-- and I'm thinking I want to change his nickname from SFM to "Death Grip".

You see, although Death Grip doesn't crush your hand when he shakes it, you still get the feeling that this is what it's like for Superman to shake hands, i.e., he's consciously trying to hold back from turning one of your appendages into sauce.

I'm thinking I might go back later tonight. Matt's working and Matt's fucking awesome.

See you Friday at Jack's! It will be all I can do not to order a pitcher and drink the night away with Starbuck.

Until then take care, Dear Reader.

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